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Open that Bottle Night 2020

This Saturday February 29, you are invited to join everyone around the globe and 'open that bottle'.

We all love to collect and store wine in the hope of a beautifully developed bottle that has aged gracefully. Sometimes we keep them too long or forget about them only to find that the wine has passed its peak. While its great to hang onto a bottle of wine, wine is meant to be drunk and enjoyed with friends. That's why the winemaker goes to all that trouble to make a nice bottle of drink it! It's a tragedy when we miss the opportunity to enjoy that bottle.

What is Open That Bottle Night?

The concept of Open that Bottle Night was conceived by journalists Dorothy J Gainer and John Brecher in 2000, and the aim was for readers to open a special bottle, enjoy it with friends, and share their stories. Since then, it has become a global event occurring annually on the last Saturday in February.

Here's what to do:

1. Dig out a bottle you have been keeping for a special occasion, or buy a new release and join in.

2. Invite some friends to join you, and create an occasion, or, try matching the wine to a meal.

3. While enjoying your wine, talk about it and post your event on social media using the hashtag #OTBN You can also share it on #dhamiltonwine

4. Tell the story about the wine, and what makes it special or significant, and why you kept it.

5. Do it again next year!

That's about it. Remember, wine is all about enjoying and sharing. It truly can create memories that will last a lifetime.

What are you going to open?

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