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Wine Days 2020

Each year there are numerous wine days celebrating all the varieties and styles that we love. I love trying different wines so these days are always an excuse to buy and drink a bottle! We don't really need a reason but these days always help! ;-)

Some days are formal and recognised, promoted by different regions, and some have been made by fans and enthusiasts to promote varieties they love, but all dates seem to have annual traction.

So mark the dates down and we'll connect around each date and celebrate. Feel free to comment if I've missed any dates you know of, or if the dates are not correct. I've done my best to track down the dates.

2020 Wine Days


  • 18 February Global Drink Wine Day

  • 29 February Open That Bottle Night (open the special bottle you've been keeping and create a memory with friends))


  • 3 March - Mulled Wine Day



  • 1 May - International Sauvignon Blanc Day #sauvblancday

  • 9 May - World Moscato Day

  • 23 May - International Chardonnay Day


  • 21 June - Lambrusco Day

  • 13 June - International Rosé Day (conflicting info here but seems to be 2nd Sat of June)


  • 1-5 August - International Albariño Day

  • 4 August - National White Wine Day

  • 18 August - International Pinot Noir Day



  • 10 October - International Pinotage Day

  • 16 October - Champagne Day

  • 29 October - Carignan Day


  • 1 November - International Xinomavro Day

  • 7 November - International Merlot Day

  • 12 November - International Tempranillo Day #TempranilloDay

  • 18 November - National Zinfandel Day

  • 19 November - Beaujolais Nouveau Day

  • 24 November - Carmenere Day


  • 4 December - Cabernet Franc Day

  • 20 December - Sangria Day

If you know of other days, let me know in the comments below.


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